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10 Reasons to Choose a Slim Wallet

Being minimalists, we always try to be very selective about the items we carry with us on a daily basis. Not only it should be visually pleasing and fitting our overall lifestyle, but should possess the functionality that justifies its use to full extent.

Therefore we decided to make a quick summary of our top 12 reasons why a slim wallet is a great choice nowadays.

  1. First and the most obvious reason is that a thinner wallet simply leaves more room in your pockets for other items; and if not for other items, it's just pleasant not to have all those pockets filled in 
  2. Not only you are left with more space in the rooms, but slim wallets also let you keep them in your front pockets. This will prevent you from constantly sitting on your cards when the wallet is stored in your back pockets.
  3. Another side effect, yet a very important one, of switching to a mini wallet is the additional health benefit. That may come as a surprise, but sitting on a bulky wallet for extended periods of time can negatively impact your spinal aligniment and cause pain in your lower back or hips.
  4. In contrast to big bulky wallets, the slimmer ones attract much less attention, especially from pickpockets and other thieves. Combined with the fact that you can keep your wallet in the front pocket, that ensures much better security in crowded areas or during foreign travel.
  5. One final benefit of not sitting constantly on your wallet is that it will prolong the lifespan of both your wallet itself and your credit cards.
  6. Having a more limited storage, the minimalist wallets make your stay more organized by keeping exactly what you need. This can seem a bit frustrating in the beginning, but in a short time people get used to that easily and there is no way they will go back to carrying all the junk as in the past.
  7. It gives a more professional look when carrying a business suite. Nobody likes to see big bulging pockets. It is also one of the recent fashin trends for those preferring more casual outlook.
  8. It saves you time as most of the slim wallets have some sort of quick access function, letting to get hold of your most used cards. Here we talk about very small time savings, but they accumulate over the time.
  9. The slim wallets are more comfortable to keep in your pockets, even while sitting. In contract, we tend to take out the older bukly wallets when sitting which increases the risk of losing them eventually or having them stolen.
  10. The world is heading to a more cashless society. This means less cash and more cards. Whereas the focus of older wallets was to have enough space for all your bills, the minimalist wallets are designed with more credit cards in mind.

Are these reasons convincing enough? We would definitely recommend to consider them during your next wallet choice. Here is our best seller URBAN Mini Wallet as one alternative you might want to consider.