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Our Top 5 Choice of Receipts Apps for iPhone and Android Users

Keeping your receipts is important for many reasons, from getting returns on business expenses to simply keeping track on a regular basis. However, we feel sure that the times of keeping the paper copies of your receipts are long gone and below present the list of our top picks for apps that can greatly help in decluttering your wallets from the numerous receipts.

But first let's cover why keeping receipts is important.

  • To be able to return / exchange / repair the items - you always need to provide a proof of purchase to be eligible to return an item you have recently bought or exchange/repair it
  • To make sure items are priced correctly - it happens from time to time that the cashier might enter the wrong figures, therefore having a quick check later on is important
  • To submit for tax returns - for any business related expenses or other purchases that are tax-deductible, you will need to present a copy of your receipts
  • To track your budget - it's always good to have a monthly budget and track your cash in and outflows. Keeping a good record of your receipts will greatly help in this.

Now, once we cleared that out let's get to the list of apps that we find super helpful for the above purposes. We tried to pick apps that are both available for iPhone and Android users and that offer a free version.


5 Apps for Storing Receipts


1. Expensify 

This is one of the most popular apps that you might find in many of similar app pick lists. And we believe that it is for a good reason. The app let's you take a quick snap of your receipts and most importantly it take much less time to store the receipt in comparison to other apps which is a great value-added as most people are not keen to spend too much time on this task.

You can get the app here: for iOS, for Android

2. Smart Receipts

It's very simple app made solely for storing and organizing your receipts. In addition to being a great scanner app, it also provides a tracker for your mileage expenses. You can also tag your receipts and sync them with your Google Drive.

You can get the app here: for iOS, for Android

 3. Shoeboxed

This app offers a good basic functionality in the free version enough to satisfy the average non-business use. You can categorize your receipts, add personal notes and have a clean overview.

You can get the app here: for iOS, for Android

4. Zoho

Zoho is well-known for its versatile cloud-based office app solutions and Zoho Expenses app is no exception for holding the great standards and functionality of the other apps by this company. The Zoho app can perform an OCR scanning and automatically fill in the expense form saving your time.

You can get the app here: for iOS, for Android

5. Genius Scan

 Although not exactly meant for receipt management, Genius Scan is one of our favourate apps to use. It is one of the simplest scan apps that will help you quickly scan your expenses, export them in different file formats, sync with your cloud storage and much more. The additional functionality of fixing the perspective during the scan process and the superb scan quality leave no questions open.

You can get the app here: for iOS, for Android

Does it still make sense to carry around the paper copies? We think no, especially for the daily receipts and purchase invoices. The neat organization and paperless storage come with great benefits that go beyond simply saving space.