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Our Philosophy

For us, wanart is not just a brand name; it's a minimalistic design philosopy, a community of happy customers and a way of life that we love. The wallets, cases and jewellery items that we make are all geared towards organizing the stuff better and having a clean and minimal look. Our everyday carry accessories accompany us all-day-long and to stay truly organized we need to start from our very pockets.


How It All Started?

It all started with a small personal project of trying to find a slim wallet that would effortlessly fit in the front pocket. We wanted no bulky pockets that make it seem you carry a brick with you. After a series of design iterations, finding the best material suppliers and testing...testing...testing, our first cardholder, the URBAN Mini Wallet, was brought to life.

Focus on Product

In all we do, the supreme focus is always kept on the product itself; having a product with unique design and made out of the highest quality materials available is and will remain our top priority.

Durability: our products are made to endure the heavy everyday use. For that we are very picky in our selection of material suppliers to meet this requirement consistently.
Design: following our rebellious attitude we try to challenge the "boring normal" and create simple, minimalistic, yet extremely functional products. The result is always the unique and eye-catching design of our line-up.
Sustainability: we feel highly responsible in every step of our value creation and recognize our role in minimizing the impact on the environment. As part of this world, we are assured that having sustainable production in place is not a goal, but necessity.

Our Ambition

We see our future in remaining a boutique manufacturer of items for individuals who praise minimalism, organization and effeciency. We have no intent of becoming a mass market brand and plan to continue staying focused on this niche to provide our customers the products they are looking for and would be happy with in daily life.

Founder, Norayr Toromanyan

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Where to Find Us?

We are a german startup, founded in 2018 and headquartered in Leverkusen, Germany. Address: Regensburger Str 2, 51375 Leverkusen
Phone: +49 178 8288128
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